Monday, February 27, 2012

Le Updatery

And in case anyone was wondering, Firefox apparently does not do its spellcheck thing in the title box. Because "updatery" is totally not a word.

Soo, despite life, I am currently on day 33 of 100 words a day or bust. And it's awesome. Last night was possibly the worst night of the semester, what with family and emotional issues and I had an essay to write that I really shouldn't have put off so long but of course did, but I got 753 words in anyway. Pretty good words, too. Probably not great ones, but they're words, so I'm totally not complaining. Which brings the currently untitled fantasy to a grand total of... wait for it... 20,957 words! Epic! (I'm probably totally hitting 21k tonight. Yay!) So that's exciting. And I'm still sort of working on my NaNo Redux, though I'm not actively writing on it at the moment, for various plot-related reasons (namely, the lack thereof...).

So. George.

George is the name of my pet slime mold. I know I mentioned him before, though I don't remember if I'd named him yet. I really like George. He is the closest thing I can get to having a pet in the dorms. No, he's not fuzzy, and he's not cuddly, and I don't really want to touch him because that would be kind of gross... but if I can't have a rat, or my kitties, or a dog, I'd rather have a slime mold than nothing, you know?

Sadly, George is having some "behavioral" issues. Really, they're not his fault at all, because it's his nature to grow. That's the problem: growth. He continues to grow beyond the bounds of his petri dish a lot faster than I can feed him and hopefully convince him to go after the inside food. So, right now, he's sitting in a Ziploc bag, and his little yellow masses of tendrils are spreading all over the place. I really, really don't want to ever get rid of George. Ever. I love George. He is awesome. (And, yes, I'm emotionally attached to him, a bit, which is really, really weird, but I'm having a hard time adjusting to the whole transition to adult life thing so I think it's understandable.) But that will be difficult if he continues to do this growing-unchecked thing.

Sigh. Life is hard.

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