Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricanes and PayPal

So, if you follow weathery news, you've probably heard about Hurricane Sandy, which has been rampaging along the East Coast recently. As it happens, it's supposed to be hitting my area sometime between tonight and tomorrow morning. Syracuse University apparently cancelled classes until Wednesday (but, sadly, we were not so lucky). We've gotten a little rain, and there's more wind right now than usual, but at the moment it looks like it will be exactly as bad as the big hurricane thing last year (which name I've completely forgotten). By that, I mean we'll get a lot of rain (maybe), but that's it. I doubt we'll be seeing much flooding in my area (granted, we're on top of a giant hill, which helps).

Of course, this isn't stopping everyone here from being paranoid about it. I've gotten no less than two phone calls and half a dozen emails to the effect of "Stock up on food and water! Batten down the hatches! Be prepared to live in your room without power or running water for 72 hours!" I really hope the power doesn't go out--each floor on my dorm is opened by a card reader, so without power, we'd have to find a way to prop the door open if we needed to get in and out.

I'm really thankful that that's the extent of our storm worries. Other places along the coast, especially less inland places, have apparently been hit really hard. I've heard nothing but dire forecasts about this supposed "Frankenstorm" that's brewing; apparently, as Hurricane Sandy moves up, there's a big cold front or storm or something that's moving down, which will apparently make things worse? I'm not sure, and I only read one article about it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for minimal damage. In related news, I think my roommate's weekend visit to her family has been extended by the storm.

In unrelated news, PayPal is annoying. I'm glad they take identity verification seriously, but I'm at a loss as to how to provide proof of address. I don't pay bills! Doesn't help that I live in a dorm, which is *not* my primary address. I may have read things wrong, but it really seemed that the proof of address they want needs to be in the form of some kind of bill, which I decidedly do not get, especially not at my primary address, which is my sister's current residence (which will be changing come December, anyway). Bah.

And on a completely different note--NaNoWriMo starts on THURSDAY! Aaaaargh!!!

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