Thursday, August 5, 2010

Goals. Goals? What Goals?


This is me in panic mode. Because I have only--

Wait, why is my computer clock stuck in February 2006?

Ahem. Sorry for the derail. Went to my handy calendar to check the date, and my computer is apparently not just a good twelve hours behind; it's a whole four years, six months, eight days, and twelve hours behind.

Not sure how that happened.

Ahem. Back to your regularly scheduled panicking.

I am panicking because I have only thirteen days left until school starts, and less than a week before my out-of-state vacation ends, and I reallyreallyreally need to get those Frankenstein essays done before Friday. And I haven't even finished the freaking book yet.

Ah, well. It's my own fault if I don't finish. Doesn't keep me from panicking, but keeps me from being too depressed. (Don't ask how. I have no clue. I'm just a freakish alienbrain like that.)

And now I don't remember why I started writing this blog post in the first place. This happens to me a lot, when writing, I think.

Ooh! I should blog about that!

Oh, right. I decided on my project for SeptNo, and will probably begin writing it before then. Meh. It's an unofficial NaNo-type challenge, after all, so I can just go with, "If I write 50k total on it in September, it still counts!"

Unless I finish it, in which case I count it anyway. Muahaha! I haz ebil laff!!!

What, me, slap-happy? Nah, can't be. I'm too awake to be tired.

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