Monday, August 2, 2010

Refreshed and Ready for Another Go

What, no posts since May? Oh, shame on me. Shame.

Well, looking back on my last post, can I just say: bitter much? Yes, life sucks, but it's much more bearable when it's both fun *and* sucky.

Right. So, the blog has undergone many changes. All aesthetic, of course. (Me? Make a useful change? Pssh. As if.) The most dramatic, naturally, is--or will be--this rule:

No. More. Whiny. Posts.

So, loyal blog minions (*cough*if you exist*cough*) feel free to poke me mercilessly if I break this rule.

This post would be longer, but this computer I'm using is missing both the left shift and the "A" key, and is driving me nuts. Will have more patience tomorrow.

Also tomorrow: Goals! Shiny, shiny goals.

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