Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Self-Publishing. Also, I'm a Liar.

Self-publishing vs. traditional publishing. It's a time-honored debate in the writing industry. It's not one I should be worrying about, considering I haven't really written anything yet. But I'm not so good with the concept of, like, "logic."

I will never self-publish. Not for some silly reason having to do with some industry bias against people who self-publish--it's because I wouldn't want to spend time trying to design an epic cover, or copyediting, or typesetting, or making sure the margins are the right size, or all those other technical things, when I could be writing. Or REVISING. And REVISING. And... oh, yeah. REVISING.

Also, my self-promotional/marketing skills are, I'm pretty sure, nil. So that would be a bit of an issue. Also, self-publishing is very much a business, and I'm sure my business-management skillz are pretty much right in the "nil" category with my self-promo skills.

But mostly the cover thing. Srsly. (Not a typo. I mean, not not on purpose. That's also not a typo.)

This post was a lot funnier in my head.

I apparently lied. I DO have access to a scanner. Well, okay, I didn't lie--MY printer/scanner/copier/wondermachine is packed away. However, we apparently have not one but two scanners functioning downstairs. So, I present to you: pictures of jewelry. That have nothing to do with writing. YAY!

Matching necklace/earring set. First thing I've made to include beads with matte finish, incidentally. ...Actually, I don't know why I just wrote "incidentally." I do not believe there was reasonable cause to write "incidentally." Y'know what? It's my caption. I don't care. I'll write "incidentally" if I want to, dangit!

Tie pin. No, really. I promise that's what this is.
[Okay, yeah, these pictures aren't much better than what I got from my camera, but they're the best I could do, and I want to INDULGE, dangit!]

Oh, and as a side note--I'm thinking of ditching the 2,321 words I've written so far and rewriting from the beginning now that I have a slightly clearer sense of what's happening in the story. Which is totally not related to the supposed subject of this post at all, but whatever. I made pretty jewelry, so I laugh at logic.



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