Monday, July 11, 2011

On Chain Maille... and Life.

I'm back. Again. Because I seriously don't know when to call a blog truly "dead."

Oh, well.

This week, I wrote 2,321 words. Yayness! This is not a great wordcount for a whole week, but considering I really only wrote two days (Thursday and Saturday), I call that good. Also, I haven't written even a thousand words since school let out and I graduated (SQUEE!) back at the end of May, so I've kind of gotten out of practice.

Also, my camera really sucks at taking pictures of jewelry. I'd thought to post some pics of the necklace/earring set and tie pin I made for some family friends, just to have pictures and also to totally showcase my amateur jewelry-making skillz, but my camera really, really doesn't like to take non-blurry pictures of things. Also, the jewelry is too small. I've heard scanning jewelry can make for some awesome-quality pictures, but my printer/scanner/copier/machineofAWESOME is currently packed. Bugger.

Also, Half Persian 3-1 chain maille weave, I loathe you with all the passion of ten fiery, burning stars. Stupid weave. Why won't the stupid jump rings line up right??? Gaaarh.

Also, Scherzo chain maille weave, I love you with all the passion of ten fiery, burning stars, but why oh why won't you work with 6mm and 4mm jump rings from Hobby Lobby? Why? What did I ever do to you?? *cries*

Also, Hobby Lobby, why are you so bloody expensive?

Why, yes, I am kind of a beading/chain mailling nerd wannabe. Why do you ask?

And, in other news... PENGUINS.

Also, "chain maille" is totally not a typo.

That is all.

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