Friday, March 12, 2010

Decisions, Decisions...

Okay, being on the Internet right now might not be the best of ideas. I just tried to spell "decisions" with first an initial "des" and then a "desc." Twice. Each. Ugh. The funny thing about being me is I never get to look back on stuff I wrote when I was really tired or typing really fast and giggle at some serendipitously hilarious typo I made because I catch a good 99.999999% of them.

And now I can't remember why I titled this "Decisions, Decisions." Dang, there I go with the almost-typoing again!

Oh, wait, now I remember. (Don't give groans of appreciation all at once, now, hear?)

So, I was planning out some maybe slightly witty-ish blog post in my head (as I try to do because I pretty much have no spontaneous wit section in my brain, woe is me) and an odd little discussion occurred. Yes. I started debating with the blog post that hadn't even been written yet. I wasn't even sure I was going to post tonight. But I digress.

Lilli: Blah blah (I don't remember what this part was, in case you can't tell) blah... I love Japanese grammar... blah... grammar... blah... drug of choice... blah...

Post: This is boring. Do I have to come into existence?

Lilli: If I want you to. Yes. Yes, you do.

Post: Shouldn't you be writing something else?

Lilli: (Here goes the Stare of Intimidation.) Like what?

Post: Two words: Urban. Fantasy.

Lilli: ...I have no idea what you're talking--

Post: You sound just like Jaina there.

Lilli: ...

Post: Remember? That one character you think is funny? The one you were giggling madly over while writing that scene today--

Lilli: Maybe I want to procrastinate.

Post: You always want to procrastinate.

Lilli: It's legitimate! I... I have a fear of commitment! And intimacy! Even when talking about a fictional story!

Post: You know those people on AW with finished books? (Awkward pause.) Yeah. Them. You could totally do that if you spent half the time you spend complaining about how you can't write on writing.

Lilli: Was that grammatically correct?

Post: I refuse to formulate until you start writing something productive. Other than me.

Lilli: ...I hate sentient posts. (Here goes the Glare of Ultimate Rabbit-Infested Doom.)

Bah. That wasn't exactly how it played out, but that's the gist. I've decided I'm going to write some more of my currently favored WIP. With breaks for random shows in Japanese.

Have I mentioned yet that I almost literally get high on learning new Japanese grammar constructs?

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