Thursday, March 11, 2010

On Breaking Twilights...

...and other screwed-up titles.

Lots of people dislike Stephenie Meyer. I've been thinking lately. I think some of the hate might be jealousy, but a lot of it is that Twilight is crap.

I'm not going to get into it. Honestly, I'm sick of anti-Twilight ranting, both from other people and from me. Twilight has... a very, very few good points, I think. And Stephenie Meyer isn't necessarily a bad writer just because she churned out the Twilight books.

A list! List! List frenzy! I can has list? Hoo... I think I'm slap happy! ...does that need a hyphen?


A random Stephenie Meyer-related list of wonder! !! !!! !!!! (Enough with the freaking exclamation points. Sheesh.)

1. I actually like part of Twilight. Namely, the part between the "preface" and the part where Mr. Sparkly Melodrama Pants comes in. After that, I hate it. It just took me four books to figure that part out.

2. I loved The Host. And I still do. I love the characters and the idea, and I usually hate alien invasion stories.

3. Ergo, I think SMeyer is only a bad writer in terms of the Twilight books.

4. Why on earth was there ever any debate on who Obsessive Girl was going to end up with? Hm. Mr. Sparkly Pants vs. Mr. Angsty Werewolf. MAW was a convenient plot tool in the first book. OG is the female lead. Female leads don't fall in love with convenient plot tools.

5. I love the MAW's chapters in the fourth book. Or, rather, the titles. Freaking hilarious. I wish I had wit.

Seriously. Wit is nice. Wit makes people like you. If I had wit, my life would be perfect. [/scapegoat]

Is SMeyer ever going to write something else? I'd love to read another book like The Host.

On an unrelated note...

I'm so sick of getting new ideas. I just need to finish something. Stupid lack of self-discipline. Stupid Internet--it's such a distraction. Stupid scapegoating. [/scapegoat2]

I jump from project to project way too much. Who says I've got attention defi--ooh! Shiny!


  1. I don't believe everyone has to love an author's writing. I can only say that I liked the movies and didn't read all of the books. I like Stephenie because she's a writer - just like me, and she is proof of what can be achieved.

  2. I liked her ideas, I just think the execution failed. But that's MHO.

    Are we starting a club for people who get too many ideas? Because I think I set a record yesterday with 4 new ideas. All inspired by the same guy, too.

  3. O.O

    Four ideas from ONE guy? Yes. Yes, I believe the new-idea record goes to you, M.R.J. Le Blanc.

    Having too many ideas is just as bad--if not worse--as having too few, ne?