Monday, August 24, 2009

Bouncing Back: The Week from Hell

Whew! This past week has been a nightmare.

My house has two working computers and assorted desktops that probably haven't worked since the Lithuania sank. One of those computers has Internet access; the other one--mine, and the better one, or it would be if it wasn't slow all the time--doesn't. My mom is currently working towards a degree so she can get a better job, etc.

This last week marked: A) the last week of the semester for one online college; B) the first (full) week of her work; and C) the first week of the semester at her new online college. The set of courses that ended last week included some major projects involving a lot of work time, such as a fifteen-page paper on a Shakespeare play of some sort.

Mom also took the computer with her (it's a laptop) to work so she could get school work done whenever possible (she works for the school district at the bus lot). So, even though I get home a few hours before she does, I couldn't sneak on before doing homework. Not that I could have wrenched it away from my brother, but...

Luckily, though, I managed to get a half-hour or so when my mom and brother went out to do errands, which was just enough to get my AW blog chain post up.

Hopefully I'll be on more regularly now. Whether or not I'll have much to blog about, writing-wise, is up for debate, but I'll at least have Internet access. This is a good thing for me; I practically live off of AW's writing resources.

Ahh... Hell hath no fury like a writer scorned...

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