Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Joys of Writing

I'm very proud of myself. I've managed to write at least 10k in the past month. I think it's more like 12 or 14k, but I haven't actually counted it up.

However, I'm only keeping about 4k of it so far. The other 6k+ went to the "Old Versions" folder.

Is this common? Do writers often find that they discard as much as they keep?

By the time I manage to finish a good-sized work, I have a feeling my discarded words will have increased dramatically. But, funnily enough, I don't really see it as a waste, either of time or effort. All writing helps a person increase their abilities. Besides that, most of what I've discarded so far is complete and utter drivel.

Although, at least half of what I've written for one particular story is info-dump, which I'll definitely have to cut before it's finalized. Oh, well.

Someone said, "I love writing. It's the paperwork I can't stand." I don't remember who. I'm not sure if the person meant, like, contracts or something, or if he/she meant the actual putting-words-on-paper part. I've always thought the latter. If so...

I can totally relate.

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